About Us

The people at BondAbility have been processing surety bonds, including PA Notary bonds for almost 40 years. Since we are a leading provider of Notary Bonds, we decided to offer a streamlined, cost efficient notary course to the products we offer.

Our one of a kind online notary application process is the fastest and easiest to use. Existing notaries can now renew their commission and obtain their notary bond, notary E & O and self inking stamp within days rather than weeks.

Unlike other notary course providers, we don't try to upsell you on unncessary notary items. We only offer the items that are required by the Pennsylvania Department of State. Those required items are your Certificate of Completion, $10,000 Notary Bond, Self inking stamp, and Notary Journal. We also offer Notaries Errors and Omissions because for its nominal cost it is silly not to purchase and protect yourself from personal liability arising from your notarial acts.

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