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Surety Bond Tip 1 Understanding Quick Quotes
Many agents offer “quick quotes” but they only provide pricing for an IDEAL applicant. You'll have to wait for the agent to contact you, then fill out an application, then wait for your specific quote.
Surety Bond Tip 2 Surety Bond Pricing
If you have excellent credit, you should expect the best rate. If your credit is not very good, you may end up in the "bad credit" market where rates can go as high as 25%. You won't know your price until you complete an application and it's reviewed by an underwriter.
Surety Bond Tip 3 Your Specific Surety Bonds
There are literally thousands of different surety bonds which vary greatly by state and type. Make sure you and your agent know the exact bond you need so that you don’t waste precious time or receive an inaccurate quote.
Surety Bond Tip 4 The Underwriting Process
Most agents must submit your information to a surety bond company (or companies) and wait for approval and pricing.
Surety Bond Tip 5 Service
Keep in mind that once you choose your agent, he/she will need to maintain your bond as you'll eventually need renewals and changes. The level of service you receive initially is usually a good indicator of the level of service you can expect in the future.

We specialize in license surety bonds required in various states such as Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds, Mortgage Broker Bonds, Insurance Adjuster Bonds, Indemnity Bonds, Lottery Bonds, etc. Just select your state and then choose from the list of surety bonds to find the surety bond that you need.
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