Arkansas ERISA / Pension Plan Bond (3 Year)

We write $10,000 ERISA / Pension Plan bonds in Arkansas.

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General Information

Arkansas ERISA / Pension Plan Bonds are required by the State of Arkansas. The required bond amount is $10,000.00.

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In 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted to regulate most types of employee benefit plans. This Act requires a fidelity bond covering a fiduciary (those responsible for managing the plan) and a person who handles funds or other property of such a plan. The coverage is intended to protect the plans from dishonesty and fraud committed by individuals who are associated with them.

What coverage amount is required?

According to the Act, the amount of coverage necessary for each plan is equal to no less than 10 percent of the amount of qualified plan funds handled, subject to a $500,000 maximum bond amount.

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Additional information about this corporate surety bond requirement is as follows:
Obligee - State of Arkansas
Bond Amount - $10,000.00
Bond Premium - $100.00
Bond Expires - 3 year term

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You are applying for an ERISA / Pension Plan bond. The rates shown below are for 3 year terms with Inflation Guard for bond amounts of $5,000 to $500,000. Please choose the bond amount desired.

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