CT Lost Instrument or Lost Security Bond

This bond is required by financial institutions in CT when you lose a negotiable security.
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Lost Instrument or Lost Security surety bonds are required by banks and other financial institutions in the state of Conneticut when you lose a cashier's check or stock certificate, etc. Lost Instrument or Lost Security bond premiums are usually 2% of the required surety bond amount. Just complete the Lost Instrument section of our application.

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A member of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut's history dates back to the beginning of our nation. Falling only behind Rhode Island and Delaware, it is the 48th smallest state.

Despite its size, Connecticut has been a leader in politics and education. New Haven is the home of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country, Yale.

The state is also very wealthy in historical culture. Often called, "The Rose of New England", Connecticut has many historically significant monuments and museums, such as the Mark Twain House and the Connecticut Historical Society, which is home to the famous ship,

Le Amistad. We can thank Connecticut for that childhood favorite, "Yankee Doodle". The song was also adopted as the state song in 1978. Its beautiful coastline and oceanic life also prompted the state to be a leader in conservation.

Over 82 miles of the coast are under the protection of the state. How old is your local newspaper? The Hartford Courant, the world's oldest newspaper, began in 1764 and is still in production today.

It doesn't only have the oldest newspaper, Connecticut has some of the oldest settlements in the United States. Some of the towns date back to the early 1600's.

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