MA Lost Instrument or Lost Security Bond

This bond is required by financial institutions in Massachusetts when you lose a negotiable security.
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Lost Instrument or Lost Security surety bonds are required by banks and other financial institutions in the state of Massachusetts when you lose a cashier's check or stock certificate, etc. Lost Instrument or Lost Security bond premiums are usually 2% of the required surety bond amount. Just complete the Lost Instrument section of our application.

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Massachusetts has some of the most historically important locations in the United States. The town of Plymouth is the site of Plymouth Rock, where the Mayflower first came ashore in America.

As one of our countries first states, Massachusetts is also a leader in education. The first college, Harvard University, was founded in 1636 and the first public school began in Boston in 1635.

Speaking of Boston, if you have ever been to the city you may have noticed a Dunkin Donut's on nearly every corner. Coincidence or not, the first store in the now famous chain was built in Quincy.

Those who participate in witchcraft would have faced execution in the state hundreds of years ago. Salem, Massachusetts has been made famous by the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 in which dozens of people were charged with engaging in wicked activity and were hung.

Next Thanksgiving, give thanks to Plymouth. The first Thanksgiving Day took place in the town in 1621. Want to watch history repeat itself? Visit the Boston Harbor in December 16th. Every year the state holds a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party there.

While Revere Beach was the first in the U.S. open to the public, it is now a major entertainment complex. The area has horse racing, dog racing, and a large movie theater.

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