Maryland Custodian of Veteran's Funds

Bond amount is based on the amount of the veteran's funds. In MD, rates will vary based on the size
and circumstances. FREE QUOTES!

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This Surety Bond is required by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Maryland of persons (custodians) appointed to take charge of a veteran's funds. Surety Bonds are required when the fund balance exceeds $20,000.

To apply, click on the No Obligation Quote button and complete the application that follows. Also, send a copy of the correspondence you received from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also, if you have been previously serving as Custodian, please be sure to send a copy of the last Federal Fiducary's Account that was approved by the Veterans Administration.

We have many sureties willing to write these bonds and the price will vary based on the size and circumstances. We will be happy to provide a FREE QUOTE after receiving your information.

Please be sure to send us the copy of the correspondence you received from the Veteran's Administration.

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The state flag of Maryland may look like a colorful mesh of patterns, but not many people know the meaning behind it. The state was founded in 1634 by the Crossland and Calvert families. The gold and black checked design is the family crest of the Calvert's, while the red and white are the Crossland's.

Maryland is home to many famous war ships. The USS Constellation, in Baltimore, is the last surviving vessel from the Civil War, and the United States Naval Academy is located in the capital of Annapolis.

Besides visiting the historical ships, Baltimore, Maryland is also a major baseball town. Home to the Orioles, the state has turned out many famous players like "Babe" Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., Billy Ripken, and Jimmie Foxx.

Also known for its seafood, Maryland is a top, world producer of blue crabs and of clams. The ultimate tongue-twister, Assateague Island in Maryland is home to hundreds of wild ponies, called Chincoteague's.

There are also many famous forts located in Maryland. Fort McHenry, the site of the battle that sparked our National Anthem, is in Baltimore Harbor, and Fort Meade is located near the town of Laurel, Maryland.

The state is also the birthplace of many famous lawyers and activists. Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglass, Reverdy Johnson, and Harriet Tubman are all from Maryland.

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