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We write $10,000 Gambling Manager Bonds in the state of Minnesota.
Our price is $100 for 1 year, INSTANT ISSUE - NO UNDERWRITING!

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General Information

In Minnesota, a "Gambling Manager Dishonesty Bond" is a type of surety bond that is required for individuals who hold the position of gambling manager within organizations licensed for lawful gambling activities. These bonds serve as a financial guarantee to ensure that the gambling manager adheres to state laws and regulations related to gambling operations, maintains ethical standards, and handles funds and assets honestly and responsibly. The bond provides protection to the organization and the state in case the gambling manager engages in dishonest or fraudulent activities.

Minnesota Gambling Manager Bonds are required by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. The required bond amount is $10,000. Our price is $100 for 1 year, INSTANT ISSUE - NO UNDERWRITING!

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Follow this link if you would like to visit the state of Minnesota website for the Gambling Manager Bond requirement.

Additional information about this corporate surety bond requirement is as follows:

Obligee - Minnesota Gambling Control Board
Bond Amount - $10,000.00
Bond Premium - $100.00 for 1 year, $175 for 2 years, $250 for 3 years, $325 for 4 years, $400 for 5 years
Renewal Document - None.

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