MO Janitorial (Cleaning) Service/Dishonesty Bond

BondAbility offers cover limits on Missouri Janitorial (Cleaning) Service/Dishonesty
bonds up to $10,000. Please email us if additional limits are desired.

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General Information

BondAbility's Missouri Janitorial (Cleaning) Service/Dishonesty Bonds help insure that if your employees are convicted of stealing, it does not become a costly problem for you

When something's missing, who's the first to get blamed?

As the owner of a cleaning service you've come to expect it. When one of your clients discovers something's missing, the immediate suspects are your employees. Fair or not.

The fact is, cleaning services are highly vulnerable to employee dishonesty losses. Your employees work independently, and they have access to your client's assets, equipment, and supplies. Money or property left lying around can be very tempting. Sometimes too tempting.

There's not much you can do about human nature. But you can protect yourself from its consequences.

Get our Missouri Janitorial (Cleaning) Service/Dishonesty bond today, and let your customers know you mean business by being BONDED!

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Please select your total number of employess from the drop down menu below. The rates listed are for $10,000 in coverage. For additional limits or if you have 26 or more employees, please contact us at

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