Nebraska Administrator of a deceased's estate

Nebraska Administrator of Estate Surety Bond amount is set by the court
and is based on the value of the estate.

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Administrator and Executor bonds (also called Probate Bonds) are required by county courts in Nebraska of persons appointed to handle a deceased's estate. These bonds generally guarantee that all the estate debts will be satisfied and that the remaining assets will be properly distributed to the appropriate heirs. Because of the complexities involved, the surety usually requires that the applicant obtain the assistance of an attorney, although we do have markets that will consider bonds for qualified applicants without an attorney. Bond amounts are determined by the court. Bond premiums must be paid annually until the estate is properly settled.

Executor Bond - Required when the deceased left a Will and named someone in the Will to serve as executor. The surety will usually want to see a copy of the Will to determine to complexity of handling the estate in Nebraska.

Administrator Bond - Required when the deceased died intestate (without a Will). The court will usually appoint one of the primary heirs to serve in this capacity. Assets should be dispursed in accordance with the state's laws in Nebraska.

Trustee Bond - Usually required when a deceased leaves a Will and designates to leave some assets "in trust" to a beneficiary. In all cases, the surety must review a copy of the Trust.

Sample Probate Bond Pricing in Nebraska:
In addition to the applicants credit report, there are many other factors that are taken into consideration when pricing Administrator bonds in Nebraska. We provide the examples below to give you an idea of what qualified applicants should expect to pay. We find the best possible price for your surety bond given your particular qualifications.

Bond Amount Cost
$10,000 $100
$25,000 $135
$50,000 $260
$100,000 $460
$200,000 $860
$500,000 $1,610

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