NV Lost Instrument or Lost Security Bond

Lost Lost Security Bonds are required in Nevada by financial instutions when you lose
a negotiable security.
Bond premiums are usually 2% of the required surety bond amount.

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Lost Instrument or Lost Security surety bonds are required by banks and other financial institutions in the state of Nevada when you lose a cashier's check or stock certificate, etc. Lost Instrument or Lost Security bond premiums are usually 2% of the required surety bond amount. Just complete the Lost Instrument section of our application.

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Now Nevada is home to over 200,000 slot machines and is known as the "gambling and entertainment capital" of the United States. However, the state is not just centered around gambling. More than 80 percent of its land is owned by the federal government and is the site for many scientific and military tests.

Area 51, the most top secret government facility in the country, is located in Nevada. The state is also the third largest producer of gold in the world and a nation-wide leader in the production of silver.

Though it is one of the hottest states, The Sierra Nevada mountains have snow for over half of the year. Nevada also has the most mountain ranges of any other state and has the 9th highest mountain in the U.S.

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