Oregon Custodian of Veteran's Funds

Bond amount is set by the Department of Veteran Affairs in Oregon. Rates will vary based on the size
and circumstances. FREE QUOTES!

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This Surety Bond is required by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Oregon of persons (custodians) appointed to take charge of a veteran's funds. Surety Bonds are required when the fund balance exceeds $20,000.

To apply, click on the No Obligation Quote button and complete the application that follows. Also, send a copy of the correspondence you received from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also, if you have been previously serving as Custodian, please be sure to send a copy of the last Federal Fiducary's Account that was approved by the Veterans Administration.

We have many sureties willing to write these bonds and the price will vary based on the size and circumstances. We will be happy to provide a FREE QUOTE after receiving your information.

Please be sure to send us the copy of the correspondence you received from the Veteran's Administration.

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As one of the northwestern most states in the U.S., Oregon has a maritime climate, making it prone to receive a lot of rainfall per year. The state also has a lot of volcanoes, dormant and active, that make up its rugged western landscape.

Mount Hood, the tallest point in Oregon, was once an active volcano. Oregon has over 35 volcanoes in total, and Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the country, was formed from one of the dormant volcanoes.

On top of having the deepest lake, Oregon has the deepest river gorge as well, Hells Canyon. It is approximately 8,000 feet deep. The state also has a monument dedicated to the caves carved out of solid marble that were discovered in 1874.

Oregon is the only state to have a "state nut", theirs being the Hazelnut, or as Oregonians call them, "filberts". In Springfield, the first Hazelnut orchard was created, and is now known as Dorris Ranch.

Oregon is also the only state to have a double-sided flag. One side depicts a shield with an eagle on top of it. The shield pictures the sun setting over the Pacific, and it is surrounded by 33 stars, while the opposite side has a gold beaver. In 1948, the town of Portland created Mill Ends Park. It is the smallest in all of the United States, at just 2 feet wide, and is said to have been created for the specific purpose of having "snail races on St. Patrick's Day".

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