WV Lost Instrument or Lost Security Bond

Required by financial instutions in WV when you lose a negotiable security.
Premium is usually 2% of the required surety bond amount.

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These bonds are required by banks and other financial institutions in the state of West Virginia when you lose a cashier's check or stock certificate, etc. Premium is usually 2% of the required surety bond amount. Just complete the Lost Instrument section of our application.

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All bonds are guaranteed to be accepted by the obligee
If the state of West Virginia would have asked to be a state, it wouldn't be one at all. It is the only state in America to have been formed by taking land from another state. Thus giving West Virginia the most irregular borders of any state in the country. The state also has the highest average age, at 40 years. There are many towns in West Virginia named for international cities, like Berlin, Athens, Moscow, Palermo, Shanghai, Vienna, and London. The state has had many firsts for women. In 1928, Minnie Buckingham Harper became the first female, African-American U.S. legislator. The first prison, solely for women, opened in Alderson in 1926. The prison has also had many famous criminals including Martha Stewart, Billie Holiday, and Sara Jane Moore. Also, the first newspaper aimed at women, the "Ladies Garland", started in Harper's Ferry in 1824. The first American's to have food-stamps, in 1961, were the Muncy and Chloe families. West Virginia is still among the highest poverty states in the country.
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